A Systematic Evaluation of the Game Profile and Performance Data of Turkish Table Tennis Leagues
Yildirim KAYACAN, Vedat ERIM, Olcay SALICI, Yucel MAKARACI

The aim of this present study was to examine the data on all active Turkish professional table tennis league athletes ‒ their playing styles, the blades and types of rubber they use and their social, demographic and anthropomorphic particulars ‒ and relate these measured parameters to the athletes’ ranking points earned during a season. For the study, a data collection method based on measured parameters was designed in order to determine the relationship between the game profile and performance. The study group consisted of athletes of different nationalities in the 96 clubs in the 2014-2015 Turkish table tennis super, premier and minor leagues, 97% of whom participated in the study (n:294).In this study, significant differences in the measured parameters were determined among the leagues and correlations with the ranking data were found for some variables (P< 0.05). No significant correlation was observed between the ranking data and the age, height or weight of the players or the types of sports equipment they used, and no significant difference was detected among the leagues (p > 0.05). In reference to gender, the results showed that differences were present between the women’s and men’s leagues. The evaluation profile of all Turkish table tennis leagues in terms of quantity and quality revealed that some of the parameters measured in this work were associated with the ranking score. Determination of the factors that are effective or can be effective in increasing or decreasing this score can be considered useful for the improvement of performance.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpesm.v2n2a12