Environmental Quality in Sports Facilities: Perception and Indoor Air Quality
Cristina Cianfanelli, Federica Valeriani, Saverio Santucci, Saverio Giampaoli,Gianluca Gianfranceschi, Alessandro Nicastro, Federica Borioni, Gianvito Robaud, Nicolina Mucci, Vincenzo Romano Spica

Safety and quality in sport environments are ruled by regulations and supported by monitoring tools. An integrated approach to assess environmental air quality in sport facilities can impact on wellness and promote physical activity and healthy life styles in different recreational settings. We review the national and international regulations of indoor air quality in gyms and pools. A field survey was performed in sport facilities using standardized monitoring techniques. Data on air microbiology and thermal comfort were compared with individual perception by a questionnaire. The results obtained are in accordance with other studies and did not reveal major health hazards. However, it is desirable to implement air exchange and monitor microclimate parameters in these facilities. The indoor air quality complies with the national standards for non-industrial premises. The questionnaires showed a general satisfaction for safety and hygiene levels. In conclusion, we provide a state of the art on regulations and environmental markers in sport plants, suggesting an integrated approach for surveillance based on laboratory test and questionnaires data. The whole of the results provides strategies and guidelines for improving environmental quality in sport and recreational settings.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpesm.v3n2a4