Throwing Effectiveness per Throwing Area and Playing Position among High Level Handball Players
Dimitris Hatzimanouil

Match analysis and evaluation helps to increase team overall performance, by contributing to the coaching process. Throwing efficiency is an important factor determining the final result. The aim of this study was to analyze throwing effectiveness by shooting area and by playing position among high-level athletes. The sample consisted of 25 handball games analyzed for throwing efficiency. For the statistical analysis, descriptive statistics and x2 test were used. The average throw per game was 42.36 ± 6.9 and 56.9% of the total throws, ended successfully. The larger number of throws were made from the central attack area and from a medium distance (6 - 9 meters) with an efficiency of 63.2%, to the left side of the goal at a low height. Test x2 showed that at the same distance (6 - 9 meters) throwing efficiency in the central area of the attack (center back player position) had a significant difference comparing to the left side of the attack (left back player position) p <.001 and a significant difference with the right side (right back player position) p <.01. In conclusion, the efficacy of throwing among different attacking areas and player positions, from the same distance, exhibits heterogeneity.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpesm.v6n1a2