Studying the Common Reasons of Student-Athletes’ Injuries at College Sports
Ezzeldin R. Aly, Ph. D; Gari D. Tookes, Ph.D; Sherin Elmahdy, Ph.D; Ivory M. Avant

Many sports produce countless amounts of injuries in players. Some injuries may last for a lifespan. It raises the question as to why there are so many injuries, and what are best practices to recover from an injury. Is there any way an injury can be prevented? The model for sports injury prevention research follows a conceptual process and describes the incidence of the injury, the mechanism of each injury to be prevented, designing and implementing prevention interventions, and reassessing the injury incidence (Van Mechelen, 1992). This study focused on sport teams at Florida A&M University: Women’s softball, volleyball, and basketball; and men’s football, baseball, and basketball teams, between the ages 18-24. The research used surveys to investigate details about the injury, source, and type of injuries; and what type of exercises and forms were used while injured. This study will add to the knowledge of common reason for injuries in the athlete’s shoulders, knees, and ankles; and will support the need for athletes to pay more attention to their bodies and become more aware of the forms used. If we investigate the cause and strategies to treat injuries in student-athletes, we can develop more efficient prevention and recovery practices.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpesm.v6n2a3